Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lia's 2nd Birthday!

Yes, I can see you over there counting on your fingers.

No, July is not Lia's birthday.

I am just a bad, disorganized mommy who took pictures of Lia's second birthday on one CF card and misplaced it and never noticed that the blog was missing that important chunk. Oops.

So here it is! Lia's second birthday!

Lia's birthday cake!

Oh, the anticipation is killing!

Auntie Katzie's came to help celebrate!



Presents, presents, presents!

I would say the definite hit of the night was Kate's fireman hat, to which the two kids still fight over who gets to wear it on a weekly basis.

Yeah, the face says it all. :)

For a little two year old she got a lot of loot!

David slooooooowly stealing her firetruck while she wasn't looking...

Post from a long time ago that never got posted

Why. How strange. Hello. Hello in there! Hello Yellow! Yellow.... innnnnteresting!

WAIT! It turns RED?

*bangs head trying to cram face into toy bowl*

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So big!

Davy has been having some fragmented sleep lately, tossing, turning, twitching. I assumed it was from teething since he's getting his incisors. But then there was the obscene amount of eating. Two pancakes at a breakfast. Two hot dogs for a dinner. Lots and lots of snacks.

Chris decided to measure the kids again this morning and we couldn't believe our eyes.

In 23 days, David grew a whole inch!!

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Baby Over!

My friend Heather brought her nine month old daughter over to visit, and of course, my two honking children nearly devoured her whole. Lia has always loved babies, but now David does too. He gently head bumps each baby he sees and then tries to lay his head down on their stomach. He's got a weird way of saying hi or showing love... :)

There IS a baby under this- you can see the little white bow...

Doesn't Davy look huge next to a little baby?

This was after Chris came home. Davy had taken a short nap so he was super tired by 6:30. Chris was lying on the floor after work while I was making dinner and I came around the corner to see David had just climbed on his back and laid down. So cute.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lia and David

This evening after dinner (pizza) I took some shots of the kids. These are all completely unedited and straight out of camera, so they aren't exactly lit properly, but I couldn't just post a few, so I decided to throw them up on a slideshow format so that you could see them and stop anytime you felt like it. :)

Click here


Today Lia was watching Sesame Street while I was cleaning the kitchen and two characters were speaking in Spanish. I walked in to peek, and told Lia, "Lia, Tia Ana speaks Spanish." Lia looked up and yelled in excitement as her ideas rolled out.

"MOMMA! Santa Cruz is Spanish!! Santa means Spanish. MOMMA! WE LIVE IN SPANISH!!!!"

I'm not sure who told her that Santa Cruz means something in Spanish, but I thought it was funny that she remembered it and pulled that info from somewhere in her little brain. :) And did you know that if you live in a town or city that means something in Spanish, that you actually live in Spanish? :) Or at least you do according to a two year old. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chris and his babies

Everyone had just woken up. :)

Chris bonsai trees from Lia and David.

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About My Dad

First of all: my dad.

My dad is the sort of dad that every kid in the world dreams of. No joke. When you watch those movies where there is an amazing and spectacular Dad I always think of my dad. Because he's just like all of those dads. That and a bag of chips. My Dad is a combination between Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird), J.M Barrie from "Finding Neverland", and Steve Martin from any of his films.

There are so many millions of reasons why I admire my dad. He is strong; in his faith, in his convictions, in every aspect of his life. He is in control. Never have I been worried when my dad was at the helm. There was never a reason to be. He has always provided the most stable environment any kid could ever grow up in. My dad also understands you. I think that's because he just understands people (good thing because that's what his job is all about!) but to chat with someone who understands you is invaluable. If anyone needs advice, Dad is the end all, be all of advice. My dad just gets you. :)

My Dad is such fun. SUCH fun. I got my forever love for Disneyland from my dad. Dad and Disneyland are synonymous in my vocabulary. Dad was the one who took us to Disneyland every three years (if not before, basically whenever he could cram it in!), the one who took us out to dinner (when you have seven kids, that's a huge undertaking), the one to throw us in the car and go have adventures. He is responsible for introducing seven individuals to so much- everything from Yosemite to ice cream. :)

My dad is also one of the funniest people I know. Most people who don't know my dad very well think of him as being quiet and stoic. Nuh uh. Oh heck no. My dad is freaking hi-lar-ious. My favorite thing until the end of time will be whenever he would pull his shorts up really high and stick out his belly. Even now, I have to laugh uncontrollably. He's got a wicked sly sense of humor. His guffaw face can't help but make you hiccup with tummy jiggling laughter. His guffaw face is when he's teasing you when you're laughing and he is pretending to laugh. Funniest thing ever.

My dad used to make fancy dinners for us girls. He would make pasta or something, put on an apron, throw a kitchen towel over his shoulder and serve us. My dad would drive us to pick up hockey in Santa Barbara at 6am on a Sunday. My dad would drive us FROM Santa Cruz to Las Vegas for hockey tournaments. There never has been a time in my life when I didn't want my dad around. Most kids go through stages maybe when they think that they're parents are cool, or whatever. Never once did I think that. My dad was always the one who made everything better. Who we hailed as our hero and as our friend. Everything is better whenever my dad's around.

This is turning into a book... yeeks! My point is this: my dad is what I want David Lock to grow up to be. Heck, he's who I want to be when I grow up! He is what every guy, girl or anything inbetween should aspire to be. There are very few people who I look at and admire blatantly. My dad is at the very tip top of my teeny list. He rocks. He is amazing. He kicks ass. He is THE best Dad in the whole wide world.

Chris isn't MY Dad, so I'm not going to write a whole ode to him, but I plan on interviewing Lia in a little bit and I'll post that up. :) However, I'll say this: if you didn't already figure it out, my dad rocks. I didn't know that there was anyone who could even come close to how good of a dad my dad is. Chris, as a dad, is constantly proving me wrong. He loves his babies. Loves to be around them. Loves to let them stomp on his head and jump on his back. Loves to get sticky kisses and fingers up the nose. Loves to listen to endless stories of nonsense and screeching songs in the car. Loves to hug and kiss and cuddle. Will help with anything. Will do anything. There is no doubt in my mind, that the way I feel about my dad, is the way that Lia and Davy feel about theirs. He is the center of their universe. (as a note, I'm the one holding UP the center of the universe, and the kids are orbiting. But Chris is the center of both of our universes.) Just wanted to say that. LOL. Maybe I should erase that? I sound a little crazy in that line. LOL. Whatever. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

One of Lia's "bikinis" that we grew from seedlings from Grandma Lock. I can't believe that it is producing anything. I have never had any luck growing anything. I always forget about it and kill it by accident.

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In the sandbox!

Yesterday I finally (its been about a year...) got around to cleaning out our little sandbox. Last year, or possibly even further back in time, we had gotten this sandbox for Lia and filled it with lots of sand. I then forgot to put the lid back on. Baaaaaaaaad idea. A couple of nights later and the box had so much cat poop in it that I didn't even want to look at it. I threw the lid on, and forgot about it. Yesterday I bravely held my breath, screamed as I heaved it upside down into the bushes and jumped up and down like a little girl as I squawked "EW! EW! EW!". Certainly not one of my finer moments. Anyhow, I liberally bleached it (thanks Grandma Lock for the instructions on how to!) and then bleached it again for good measure. I then poured in the extra sand and woila! The kids had a sandbox!

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The aftermath...

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