Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some news!

A few weeks ago, Kate came over and we had BBQ ribs. The next morning when I went into the kitchen to clean up, I nearly lost everything that had been in my stomach previously.

See where this is going?


Two under two...

We are so excited and thrilled, and tenatively, right now, the kids will be 14 months apart. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Spectrum

Em lives a few exits from this awesome outdoor shopping mall called the Spectrum. After hibernating in her house for a few days due to the ridiculous temperatures, we finally bucked up and left the coolness to go walk around. It was after six, and the weather had calmed down a little so it was much more pleasant.

Em took so many pictures of Clare and Lia at the Spectrum and I've just got to go through and post them, but here are some.

There is this little area where water spouts from the ground, its really cute and fun and it was jam packed with kids. This is Clare watching Lia and I.

Watching the fountains. Look at the cute Buddah baby in the background. :)

We got Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt, which is to die for. SO good!
And I gave Lia a little of the strawberry which she seemed to like. :)


This didn't turn out quite as I wanted it too, but this was one of the many fountains at the Spectrum. I love all of the fountains- it seems like there are always tons of fountains in Southern California... something we don't have in Northern Cal. :(
But yeah, I like this picture now, its different. :)

Another of the fountains.

This is a shot from Emily's favorite store 'Anthropologie'
Not sure if I spelled that right...
But its a really neat store, very hodge podge but lots of fun to look around

Most of the Spectrum is draped in this fabric with the lights inbetween. Its gorgeous when its dark outside. :) Really romantic and fun, or as Em described it "like an outdoor carnival"- they also have a ferris wheel and merry-go-round. Anyhow, I told Em, it would be a great date spot. :)

Hodge Podge!

Total hodge-podge of pictures that I've been MEANING to post but have been too busy too. :)

Let's start this post off on a wonderful note.
Okay. I'm totally not biased.
But seriously...


Do I not have THE most incredibly gorgeous husband?
(I mean SERIOUSLY! Look at those eyes! :) )

Lia with Grandma Lock at the shop.

Lia's feet and hands on the carpet. :)
I guess these explanations are sort of unnecessary. :)

I think this picture is so funny and cute. Not quite sure what she's thinking, but its pretty funny.

Aunt Katzies

I like this picture because you can see Kate just barely in the background. It was a fun day, we were lying on the front driveway and eating ice cream with Lia. :)

And THIS... in a nutshell, is why Lia loves her Aunt so much.
Best picture EVER! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goo' Mornin'!!!

Lia always wakes up pretty happy. This morning she woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Short post

Ditto the previous post.

Lia was eating her toes in the nude yesterday.

I like this pictue for some reason. Maybe its the hair? :)

Kate and Lia

I love any picture of the two of these together. Lia loves her Aunt Kate like no other.
This one is especially good if I do say so myself. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some pictures :)

Last night Lia took a bath and her Daddy watched her. I think its cute how he's perched in the tub instead of sitting on the toilet or something a little more comfy. :)

Pretty girlie!

"Mom! I'm working like Dad! Please don't take pictures of us... we're working hard and we're stressed!"

Sort of how Lia and I look after a nap, only we're both a little more blinky. Kate took the picture a few days ago. :)

Bad picture, cute idea :)

Lia loves purses so I let her play with one of mine. Chris had the brilliant idea to use it as transportation. I wish this picture was a little clearer!

Tired Baby

Lia always takes an afternoon nap, and I generally join her for the tail-end. We curl up on the couch under a blanket and just sleep for a half hour-hour. This afternoon there's a bit of heat in the air, and I think it made us both sleepy. I woke up and Lia was curled up against me, and her back was sweaty from being such a little heat seeking missle (not entire relevent, but every morning when we wake up with Lia in our bed, she's shoved Chris and I towards one side of the bed and she's in the middle with probably about ten times the room she needs on her other side). Anyhow... I woke up and me moving woke her up. She blinked slowly, and tried heroically to keep her eyes open but they fluttered shut. I got up and she giggled and opened her eyes again. (another side note; she dreams now! She giggles in her sleep, its the most adorable thing ever). So I picked her up and put her on my lap while I watched TV for a few minutes. I slowly felt her little head rest heavier and heavier on my arm. She had fallen asleep sitting upright in my lap with her head tilted towards the side. I wish I had a picture. She woke up again, so I brought her into the computer room and put her in her bouncy chair so I could check my email and I looked over and she was asleep again!!

She finally woke up and began flinging herself around in her chair. :)