Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Davy Doo!

Dear Darling Doodle Buggie-

You have been an absolute joy from the minute you popped out in that OR. You have been the jolliest, fattest, most loving baby I have ever met. No other baby has your sweet personality, your adorable quirks or your funny insecurities. No other baby is as warm to snuggle up against, or as cuddly. I love it when you crawl up and lay your head against my shoulder and just hang your arms off to the side, just because. I think its both funny and intensely annoying when I'm cooking and you come and cling to my legs while trying to shove yourself between them and the cupboard doors. I love how into food you are, how you are willing to try anything at a year old. You are my cuddly, wonderful buggy of a Davy boy and I will love you forever.

Below are some pictures that I haven't blogged yet... I promise I will get better about blogging!
I'm thinking March will be my very first one-post-a-day-for-a-month attempt! :)

About a week before his birthday I baked a cake and gave both kids a slice. I'll post the pictures of Lia a little later, but these can serve as an alternate for Davy's severe lack of first birthday cake pictures.

This picture is so very much Davy. It really embodies him. His sweet, round little face with that perma grin on it. Isn't he just huggable! I love chunky little babies! And his cute lil' nose!

A much more debonair, "cool" look. Not quite as dorky as the picture above. :) Isn't he a handsome little chap?

Davy putting on a show with Lia's fireman hat. Isn't there a show in Vegas similar to this? LOL.

In my defense, I did get a couple pictures of Davy's birthday morning! :) Here he is with daddy and big sis Lia on his very first birthday. :)

And how CUTE is he????

World's Worst Mother

I could very well be dubbed the world's worst mother.

Davy turned 1 year old on February 13th, almost a shocking ten days ago and I have yet to post anything about that momentous day. And I forgot to take pictures. Of him on his very first birthday. Smashing his very first cake. Believe me, I feel bad enough and I intend on telling him a sob story about how I DID have my camera on his very first birthday but that he slobbered all over it and broke the sensor by throwing it and then smashing cake into the lens... or something to that effect.

Anyhow, I just wanted to post these few pictures again of Davy the day he made his debut. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strange straight out of camera picture, but I still love this one.
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I love this collage-

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My favorite

I know I said that all of these were my favorite, but this one is. This is Lia. Absolutely, 100% Lia.

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She is just so sweet.

I adore the little triangle on her nose that crinkles up when she is really smiling.

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Her face is the cutest thing ever. I love the bottom left.

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My favorite pictures of Lia ever

That's a pretty big statement, but its absolutely true. This morning Lia was playing with her play-doh and I sat down opposite her with my camera. I couldn't speak after I was done taking pictures of her. We have our tough times- she behaves like a typical two-year-old, I behave like a typical annoyed mom. But then there are moments like this morning. Moments where I love her with every thing I am and I want to be the very best I can be for her. She didn't even really talk during these pictures, she just did her own thing, but watching her was more than enough. She is so so special. The most special little girl in the whole wide world. She warms my heart. She makes me love her more and more. There is such a sense of good nature in her face. Sweetness. A giggle. She is everything and beyond what I could have ever dreamt of in my ideal baby girl.

Be prepared, there are a LOT of pictures, but take your time. Each one is my favorite.

Ta dah!

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My Sweet Lia

We went to the mall this morning to kill some time before morning naps and after we had visited most of the stores, we walked towards the play area. Lia was holding my hand and walking next to me and she chirruped, "Can we go to the play area mom? Mom? Can we go to the play area?" in that sweet, chirpy, I'm-asking-you-nicely-so-please-do-it type of voice.

I looked down at her sweet, round little face and said, sure, we can go to the play area. Her little face became overcome with a great joy and she gazed up at me with worshipful eyes before she couldn't contain herself anymore and bent over my hand (for a second I thought she was going to have to bite it out of joy...) and kissed it. Once. But a very big thank-you-from-the-bottom-of-my-little-heart kiss.

I melted.
Lia brought as much as she could carry and stuffed it into this little tunnel tube and then crawled in with it- she could barely find enough room to bend her head down to say hi to me. :)

Yesterday I gave Davy a bottle and put him on the floor on this blanket then made Lia a bottle too. I put Lia on the floor NEXT to Davy but when I came back she had found a far more comfortable (and fairly accomodating) pillow.

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Davy loves trying on shoes, and the more sparkly and glittery the better...

I just had to post these even though they are awful quality- they remind me SO much of my dad. My dad wears jeans and a shirt similar to this tucked in at least once a week (sort of weekend wear) and when I saw Davy all dressed up I just had to smile.

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Lia lined up all of her special babies and I caught her just sitting sweetly next to them, beaming down at them and their good behavior.

This is just so Davy... the expression of benevolent goodness, his crossed ankles, sandwich in hand.

Aren't they starting to look more alike? And doesn't Chris look cute? :)

I was cleaning the kitchen when Chris called me to come into the room last Saturday. He was scratching Davys' sides and every time he went up his side, Davy's little hands rose out from his sides. Too funny. He just sat there with his little arms straight out. :)

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Davy walking

Davy can walk really well now, but this was his very first week of walking

Davy chowed down on this strawberry... he basically tried to shove the whole thing into his mouth in one bite.

Daddy having to retrieve said strawberry...
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