Sunday, March 29, 2009

I LOVE Kate :)

Kate was over the shoot. I was trying to kiss up to her to make her take some more pictures!

How it ended. :)

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Sisters who love each other

There aren't a whole lot of pictures of Kate and I so I got Betsy to take a couple. Excuse the pink blanket wrapped around Davy.

We started out with some good pictures.:)

Why try to hide who you really are?

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My sister Betsy who is 14 is by far, one of the most truly gorgeous and beautiful people I know.

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Leaves just starting to come out...

Having fun in the wagon!

This is a picture of Maya, who is 5 and my Aunt Patty's youngest daughter on the swing. I love how thoughtful she looks.
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Enjoying lunch sandwiched between two of her favorite aunties!

Playing with the big girls!

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With Chris gone, we spent a lot of time at my parent's house this weekend. Lots and lots of baby holders! Plus, Aunt Patty and her three darling girls were there so there was lots for Lia to do.

Sour grass. Lia's favorite treat at the Swanson Farm...

Fun with water!

Yummy oranges!

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Tia Mia

I love these shots of Tia Mia with Baby Davy

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Delicious donuts!

Aunt Katzie came over and stayed with us while Chris was at the racetrack and one morning we got some donuts. Lia hasn't had a donut before I don't think... she liked hers! :)

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"Hehp! Hehp!"

Lia calls ''hehp'' when she needs help. I was eating my lunch (and not paying attention to her) when I heard her little voice calling from somewhere. I sort of ignored it for a second and then it got progressively louder and more insistent. I looked around and saw my little bug sitting in our magazine holder, unable to get out. I'm a bad mom... I then told her, "Stay there, Lia! One minute!" while I ran upstairs to get my camera. She waited patiently... (not like she could do anything else!) :)

I like this shot, it looks like she's saying, "Are you KIDDING? You're taking PICTURES of this?"

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Black Ooze

The Lock family refers to that state of being half asleep, half awake as the 'black ooze'. That is exactly what Doodles was doing in this picture...

Must. Not. Fall. Asleep....

Nevermind. :)

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His little arms are divided into three's... chunk 1, chunk 2 and chunk 3!

He's pretty kissable, isn't he? :)

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