Monday, September 27, 2010

Playinng Doctor with Daddy after dinner. Love the fact that Davy's got a screwdriver too...

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Gotta get that apple on there!

Chew, chew, chew your cud happily all the day!
Spinach is the bestest thing, that's all I can say!

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Lia hates anything green. Lettuce, broccoli, anything that grew from the ground.

David on the other hand, LOVES greens. He loves salads. I fed the kids some noodles for dinner and when Chris got home we had a salad. As soon as Davy saw we were eating salad, he jumped out of his chair, his fat little legs propelled him across the floor and he launched himself into my lap and then climbed into his chair asking for "more please! more please!"

I gave him the remainder of the salad, and he blissfully ate it.

And he's hardcore, dude. It isn't even iceburg lettuce. Its full on spinach. With apples. And feta cheese. He didn't bat an eyelash.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Davy gets very excited when Lia wakes up...

And then maternal Lia promptly pretended it was time for Davy's nap...

Singing soft lullaby's to her brother

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So sweet

David's face isn't one of incredible handsomeness, but there is just something so good natured and lovable about him. He is such a sturdy, happy little soul.

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Climbing on Daddy

Giving Daddy a kiss

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Well, when you eat like THIS:

You are bound to get some crumbs on your face...

It really is a very cute little face...

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Davy lunching this afternoon... I love his wide legged sit.

Watching Lia eat a piece of pie... I love how everything on Davy is crossed or clasped. His little hands. His little feet.

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A couple of weeks ago Davy got stung by a bee, and ever since then he seems to have a mortal fear of any winged creature. A fly had just settled nex to Davy, who drew away in abject horror.

"A bee! Its a bee mommy! A bee!"

My wonderful wonderful husband

Chimney sweep smudged after playing in the dirt :)

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I love the cute little purple skirt (which by the way is currently her favorite color)

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