Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yesterday Lia was sitting next to me on the couch, thumbing through a children's baby book. It was full of pictures of babies, balls and other assorted stuff. One of those 'First Baby Books'. She got to the pages where it showed ten babies of all shapes and sizes crawling. She bent down, studied them and then looked up at me.

"Mommy, can I use my imagination and go into this book and hold one of these babies?"

I just sort of gaped at her.

Apparently Chris had told her a few weeks ago that you can use your imagination to go into books, but I was still shocked she remembered it, let alone thought about it enough to vocalize it. She's such a smart chicky.

David's speech has just taken OFF.

His favorite thing right now is to pretend a Bear is behind the car. Or the door. Or just behind you. Yesterday I was snoozing on the couch, and David was pushing his little cars around. Through my sleepy haze I heard:

"Oh NO! A BEAR! Run everyone, RUN! Its coming to get you. Oh my gosh. A bear! Coming to eat you. Run."

Then a few seconds later, a little quiet voice said sadly, "Got me. I dying."

Um... not sure where he picked up on THAT concept...

Lia has also discovered the concept of lying. The joys. Yesterday she came upstairs and her hands and leg were covered in green. Could have been paint. I looked at it and asked if it was from downstairs. She said no, it was from school. I didn't remember seeing it before but I brushed it off. I did ask her a few more times though where she got it from and she replied school.

We went downstairs and I found the food coloring on the table, with a couple nice puddles underneath the table. I turned to her, intent on telling her exactly why she shouldn't lie.

"LIA. Did you lie to me about the green?!"

Lia gulped and said quickly, "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!"

She did get time out for lying though.

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Book Blankets

Yesterday I walked into the room to find Lia's stuffed animals all warmly covered in books...

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I tried to get the kids to smile for me... this is the closest to what I could get that was a smile...

Love Davy's funny eyes. He always reminds me of a drunk bumblebee when he smiles like that... his little eyebrows point up and he closes his eyes. :-)

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But then he started smiling. :-)

Lia collecting. She would walk around and pick up pumpkins and deposit them into the wagon and Chris would trail a few paces behind, taking out pumpkins as she put them in without her knowledge. :-)

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Trying to get Davy to take a picture with Grandma..

I love his little dorky head tilts. :-)

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"What is THAT?"

I love these pumpkins- they look very magically sinister. :)

I told Davy to crawl through this hole, and he bent down, peered into it and emphatically told me "NO MOMMA. NO!"

Davy, Grandpa and Wiley playing with the other dog at the pumkin patch.

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Traffic in the Pumpkin Patch...

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David was overcome with love of the pumpkins...

" Now let's see... which one should I select..."

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Pumpkin Patch!

This past Sunday we brought the kids to the Pumpkin Patch to get some pumpkins for Halloween!

Running as fast as they can towards the wonderful pumpkins!

Lia is tickled to have her own little wagon.

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Yesterday I walked into the room to see Lia sporting a very sheik green mustache. We stupidly gave her some permament markers a while ago so my first thought was, "Oh my lord- my daughter is going to have a green face for the rest of eternity!" Luckily, she had deemed it fine to NOT use the permanent marker and use the crayola washable markers instead. Thank God.

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Friday, October 8, 2010