Saturday, January 31, 2009

Too big

You know you're too big when you go out to eat at a restaurant and you can't fit into the booth.

Yeah, its an uncomfortable moment for everyone. :)

We went out for dinner tonight with Chris' parents to this cute little restaurant at the end of the Santa Cruz Wharf (the Dolphin) and they have booth seating which normally would be fine for NORMAL sized people. However, at 39 weeks pregnant... well, it was impossible to wedge myself into the booth. One butt cheek is still asleep nearly an hour after dinner is done. :) I sat sideways with my tummy sticking out the side and my torso turned towards the table.

So yeah. I'm definitely done with this whole pregnancy thing. Or at least with restaurants that insist on bolting their tables to the wall and having teeny booths! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Lia found an old pair of her sunglasses... she's one cool baby.

Cinnamon-Toast wearing her glasses
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Or superhero... I'm not sure which she was.

Chris trying to give her a hand...

Look at her belly!

Running away from a turban! I love this picture, she just looks so cute
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Dancing or divine intervention?

Again, Chris dancing. :) And doesn't his haircut look good? :)

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More dancing!

Touch your toes!

Hands to the sky!

Chris dancing. Ha ha. :)

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We've started a tradition where every night before bed, we turn on some music and Lia dances around. Its hilarious to watch. These pictures just completely describe Lia; happy, goofy and doing silly stuff all the time. Plus, she's just SO cute!

Taking off at a run down the hallway!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

We have a birthday!

Today we confirmed the c-section date; and Davy Doodles will be gracing the world with his presence:


The meaning of the date was totally lost on me, so when I told Chris last night he looked at me and said in a slightly shocked tone, "REALLY? Friday the 13th?" However, I figure if he's a weird little kid, we can always blame his birthday. :) And seriously, isn't it a cool date? AND, he will share a birthday with his Tia Ana! :) So yup yup yup. That's it. The countdown has begun! And I am full term today... so unless he has designs of coming early, that's when we'll see him!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lia singing lustily.

Probably one of the last pictures of the three of us as a little family before Doodles joins!

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More Wharf

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On the Wharf

Yesterday morning after breakfast, Chris suggested we take Lia to the wharf to look at the sea lions. She loved it. It was so much fun just to go hang out as a little family. And Lia knew how to make the sea lion noise when we left which she did during the car ride home.

I love how protective Chris has his arms around her to prevent her from going over. :)

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Triking with Daddy

Chris dug out Lia's little helmet and insisted she wear it while playing on her trike. I thought it semi-unnecessary considering she walked alongside the trike more than was pushed on it, but at least she was getting used to it. :) I want to go and buy her one of those bike seats for the summer so that Chris (or I) can take her on bike rides. I'll bet she'd love that.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pictures stolen from Annie's old pics

These were pictures that were taken this past summer; probably in September? I just think Lia looks so funny in them, like a little bald wonder. :)

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holy 35 weeks!

I really had no clue I was this big. I took this picture and literally my jaw dropped when I saw it. I'm huuuge. I'm carrying way lower than with Lia... I think I look funny. Like I'm smuggling an actual watermelon. With Lia she was up higher or something so it looked more like I was pregnant, now it just looks like I'm a melon smuggler. Ah well. Only four more weeks! On the 13th I go in for my appointment and we'll schedule the c-section then!

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