Thursday, January 27, 2011

My cute little fella...

Yes, it is a lot of Davy, but isn't he cute? And I haven't updated in ages, so you need to see all of the cuteness!


I love this shirt on him- I'm sure the brand is some skater boy brand, but the shirt is so comfy and thin (sort of like that shirt you always wear because its comfortable and worn)- and he is just so huggable in it.


I like this next shot because it reminds me of him when he was a baby...

Christmas with the Swanson's


I put the kids down for a nap and walked in to check on them to see this sweet and silly face beaming up at me with not one, but two pink binks in his mouth. :-)

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Christmas at the Big Lock's...


It was very cute, we were all in the kitchen, doing stuff when someone looked over to see Davy, sprawled on his tummy, kicking his little feet and clasping his little hands as he gazed at his new toy, still in the box.


This truck makes some music, and Davy LOVED it. He would jump around and dance wildly for the ten seconds that the music played. :-)


Christmas Morning at the Lock's


Can you guess what these are?








Did you guess right?

More Stuff!

St Nicholas Day!


St. Nick obviously knew that Chris wouldn't be satisfied with just toys... beer is a much nicer St. Nick present. :-)

The kids got some marbles, a bouncy ball, chocolate coins, an ornament and their letter cookies. Thank God for Cost Plus! :-)

Lia reading Davy 'Are You My Mother?' It amazes me how quickly she memorizes something if you read it to her a few times.

Nothing beats snuggling on the couch with your daddy and watching your favorite show...

Unless its snuggling on the couch, watching your favorite show and picking your nose!

Lia and Davy are always put down for their naps, but RARELY (if ever!) fall asleep as soon as they hop into bed. Instead they prefer to trot around their room, arrange their stuffed animals and play for a couple hours.

Upstairs in a chair

This masterpiece was a ceramic Minnie Mouse that Lia painted. :-)

Things of Christmas

I dragged poor Kate with me and the kids to the Christmas parade in Santa Cruz. I think Lia and I have gone for the last three years (so ever since she was born) and even though the forecast was threatening rain, I bundled up everyone and we trudged down to Pacific Ave. It did rain, quite heavily actually at times, but the parade went on and we sat around with umbrellas. :-)

These are things that we had around the house this holiday season that reminded me of Christmas...

Best thing EVER. They are essentially peppermint oreos dipped in dark chocolate and then sprinkled with peppermint. So horribly good. And they sell out every year. This past year I made the mistake of only getting two packages. Next year I shall start early and buy often. :-)

Romy is a new tradition. He is the Christmas Elf. :-) Aunt Cindy gave him to us probably two years ago but the kids never really understood about him until this year. He comes every year the day after Thanksgiving and watches the kids during the day to make sure that they behave well. Every night he flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa how they've been. And every morning he is in a different spot. Chris and I got a little tired of moving him around every single night... there aren't as many high up spots where kids can't reach as you would think!