Monday, December 6, 2010


Lia spelled her name out today on paper, and was showing it to Chris and I. I left the room to go get something upstairs, but downstairs what transpired made me laugh out loud once I heard the story.

Daddy- spell Grandma!

Well, that's who Grandma is too you, that's not her real name. What does Daddy call Grandma?


Well, no, Daddy calls Grandma mommy.

((Lia's eyes widened with delight as she took this in, then she threw back her head and jovially laughed)

Ha ha ha!!! Daddy, you are the BABY in that family!!!


Also today, we were talking about going to see Big Duck. Big Duck was supposed to pick up Lia from the house, but Lia took such a late nap that by the time she woke up, it was too late for that. Lia was upset, so I called my mom and my mom suggested I bring both kids over.


Lia, would you like to drive and see Big Duck right now?

LIA : (in tones of hurt dignity)

But mom... I can't DRIVE that big car all by myself!!

ME :

Well Lia, how about if I drive you over?

LIA : (in tones of, how-very-stupid-are-you)

But mom, then Davy will be all alone by himself in the house.


Chris walked in to read the kids their bedtime stories, and he found Lia pulling on a pair of argyle socks. She beamed up at him, extended her fat little foot proudly and said,

"Daddy! How COOL are these socks?"

The whole point of this post is that Lia is awesomeness. :-)