Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pick me up!

Yesterday I was feeling super sick, so I spent most of the day lying down on the couch. I was resting when Davy came up and tried to get me to pick him up.

The eye of desperation.

"I CAN do this! I CAN climb up there!"
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The harvester strikes again!

Last night Davy found a plug cover somewhere and immediately crawled as FAST as he could to under the table. I didn't think the concept of "I'm not supposed to be doing this, but I'm going to anyways" kicked in so early... anyhow, I KNEW what he was doing (considering I saw him pick it up and hightail to under the table) so I grabbed my camera, and then slowly leaned down to be greeted by this look...

"Davy? Give that to momma."

I think he thought I wanted to chew on it myself...
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Hard at work!

Davy was happily sitting on the heater vent (you'd think that would be too hot?) and vigorously clapping my shoes together whilst giving shrill shrieks of concentration.

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I love the way that Davy crawls. He literally goes so fast that it looks like he's skimming the surface. Skimming the surface and lumbering like an elephant if that's possible...

My little fellow has got four teeth (and I have a feeling he's working on quite a few more)!

Don't you just want to snuggle him up?

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Well dressed gal

You got to love a well dressed girl in a too small hat. :)

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The Harvester

Our little table next to the couches is Davy's favorite hang out spot. Over the screws on the underneath part of it there are these little covers (which, of course, are the perfect choking size). We didn't know they were under there until one evening, Chris and I were watching TV with Davy crawling on the floor and we noticed he was super quiet. And nowhere to be seen. I looked on the ground and his little face peered up at me. He had harvested almost all of the covers and was trying to eat them and put them on his fingers and toes. The covers are now long gone, but every evening at least once, Chris or I have to haul our little harvester from underneath his hiding place. The funny thing is, he ALWAYS gives me the exact same look whenever I peer under the table. Its a mix of, "Hi there." and "I know I'm not supposed to be under here."

He's such a funny little fellow.

All chunk and chubs. :)

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This used to be my dress when I was little.

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Lia Bird

She's getting SO grown up looking... almost every Sunday Big Duck picks her up and Lia gets to go to Church with them. She loves to sing and people watch and see Father Jerry. :) This was taken right before she got picked up and I got her all beautified for her big Sunday outing. She always comes home munching a doughnut which I then try to sneak out of her hands and demolish the rest of. :)

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweet Lia

Sweet little Lia story.

Lia has been in bed for probably ten minutes when she starts calling for her 'Daddy'. Chris goes right in and peers into the darkened room.

"Lia, baby. Its bedtime. You need to close your eyes and go to sleep little buggie."

Lia insistently points towards the closet, the doors of which are open. "No daddy! Dat, dere! I want dat!"

Chris: Oh, do you want me to close the closet?

Lia: No daddy. (hops herself cheerfully off the bed) I show you.

Lia rummages around in the closet until she finds the blanket that we keep in there for when she's having a particularly bad night and Chris or I sleep on the floor next to her bed.

Lia: Here Daddy! Sleep on the floor. Put dat dere! (points towards the floor)

Chris: (gently) Lia, I can't sleep on the floor tonight. I have to sleep in my own bed.

With not a shred of drama or fakeness, Lia ran towards her night table, flung her face in her arms and began sobbing heartbroken.

Chris came up and hugged her and as he pulled her away there were two big pools of tears.

The two of them talked on the bed for a while after and Chris said that Lia was just loving on him. Cupping his face in her hands, kissing him. He sits at the foot of her bed and she lays with her pillow at the top, but tonight she insisted on gazing up at him from the foot of the bed. :) They are such a special pair, the two of them.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Lia moment...

ME: (trying to get Lia ready for a nap and holding a diaper up)
Lia, come here. I need to put this diaper on you for nap time.

No Mommy! No! (clutching her buns in consternation) I already have one!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shh. Its cooking...

Chris was putting Lia down for bed and was sitting next to her bed, talking to her. She gently put a finger on his lips and pulled them down so that his mouth was hanging open. Very intently, she plucked some imaginary things from the table and popped them into his mouth with relish. She repeated this happily a few times and then putting a finger under his chin, closed his mouth.

"Are you feeding me?" Chris asked.

"Shhhhh..." Lia said, "Its cooking!"

Chris- husband, dad and oven. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pretty girl

Lia went with my family to Church today, so we got her all gussied up and sent her on her way.

There's something very sweet and babyish about this picture of Lia, I think its her chunky little arms. You just want to grab her and hug her. :)

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Look! Two Mario's! :)

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My sweet little Mario baby ":) Doesn't he look awesome? Props to Chris for coming up with the idea :)

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