Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pear time!

Lia enjoyed a pear this afternoon for a snack and put her four new teeth to good use! :)

Standing up!

Lia has just begun standing up and walking while pushing something. Its pretty funny to see this teensy little person walking around... here she is pushing the toy her Grandma Lock gave her! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My husband

My husband is:

bang-up, banner, boss, capital, classic, crackerjack, dandy, divine, fabulous, fine, first-class, first-rate, grand, great, groovy, heavenly, jim-dandy, keen, marvelous (or marvellous), mean, neat, nifty, noble, par excellence, prime, sensational, splendid, stellar, sterling, superb, superior, superlative, supernal, swell, terrific, tip-top, top, top-notch, unsurpassed, wonderful

And yes, I did copy and paste that from Merriam-Webster, but I couldn't have come up with all of those on my own. :) He is, in short, the most incredible person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Things that I love about him:

* how sweet and loving he is with Lia

* how his patience is never-ending

* how focused and committed he is to his family(s)

* how he knows how to have a good time

* how he not only is constantly broadening his own horizons, but everyone elses'

* how he can tell a story and make it interesting

* how multi-faceted he is

* how he loves doing things

* how funny he is :)

* how he can talk you into anything

* how fun and playful he is- Lia has the best daddy ever!

* how he is just his very own person. He is who he is, and he is always true to that. That's hard to do in today's world

I don't think that words could ever really describe how much I love him, or what he truly means to me. He's the sort of person though that I know that every one of my friends (married or single) envies me of. I have never met someone who works harder at his marriage then him. He is always trying to make our relationship stronger, make it funner, make it more of a partnership. He is the single most special person in all the world to me- I can't even begin to picture what my life would have been like if I hadn't met him, loved him, married him. This is the guy that drove every two/three weeks SIX hours from Scotts Valley all the way to Humboldt just to spend the weekend with me so I wouldn't be lonely. And that look on his face when he arrived, that light and happiness... well, I see it every single night still when he gets home from work. I don't think many people can say that. I love that we met when we were young and got married when we were young. So many of my memories are of him and I. (haha, okay, so HE didn't get married when he was young, but I did... :) )

* Disneyland- the only person who I've seen come close to how excited Chris is when we go to Disneyland is my Dad. :) Chris literally is hopping along the sidwalk, clapping his hands when we walk into Disneyland. I love it. He is just the cutest person ever then. You just want to pat him on the head and tell him to calm down or else he's going to throw up. :)

* Driving to Shakespeare Santa Cruz and holding hands- I was all goofy for the next week. :)

* Backpacking with him, Annie and Kate. We hiked in, and the next morning we all woke up and there was SNOW everywhere. It was hilarious. I think Annie and him were convinced that we were all going to die and have to eat the one who fell first. :) But he was so sweet and protective of all of us then...

* Backpacking again when I had a migraine, and poor Chris racing around camp like a chicken, telling Annie and Emily he was going to run back to the parking lot (probably a 12 mile hike...) to get some help... (I think that's the first time he'd ever seen a migraine, so he probably thought I was going to start bleeding out of my ears... :) )

* Playing hockey with him :)

* Having him literally burn holes into the heels of his shoes and crack the bottoms of his feet when he was walking Lia up and down the room after she was born

That's a newer memory, but still :)

And I have to go now, Lia just woke up from an unscheduled nap... I'm trying to get her on a schedule and Operation Sleep When I Want and Tell You Too is not going well...

Anyhow, the gist.

I love my husband.

My husband ROCKS.

He is the best person ever.

Love love love

Before I launch into my adjective laden gush-fest about my husband, I have to recount a funny little story.

Poor Chris, the last two nights he's suffered from insomnia and last night it seemed like it was going to be better- but his company was doing a push (I don't really know what this is, but its something where if something goes wrong, they call him... :) ) He went to bed at 11, and at 2, his phone rang. He spent the next two hours on the phone. He went to bed at 4, and at 4:30, his phone rang again. My poor, patient husband was on the phone from 4:30-9am!!! Unbelievable. So, we decided to go to breakfast this morning and settled down in our favorite diner. I always order the same thing, a scramble, scrambled hard (so that the eggs aren't runny). Chris ordered the same thing, and the waitress asked:

"Would you like your eggs scrambled hard?"

Chris got the most befuddled look ever on his face as he clutched his menu in confusion. (side note: he's heard me order this a gazillion times and has never NOT known what the hard thing meant...)

"Um..." stammer "Does it... does it come in any other way? Hard, like...? Its a SCRAMBLE... how is it hard? Like...?"

I was trying to chirp helpfully in the background but it took a few more seconds of him trying to dicipher what she said before he realized what was going on. :) He's such a cutie. :) It probably was one of those things where you would have had to be there to see the true hilarity of it, but it was a good way to start the morning. :)

And I PROMISE I will launch into my love-fest, but I'm going to go take a nap with Lia right now. :)

PS. I've been listening to Christmas music all this morning and plotting out my Christmas shopping list. I'm SO ready to be done with summer! Bring on the rain, the clouds, the deliciousness! The HOLIDAYS!! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two things!

Cheese and rice! I am 15 weeks along!

I'm 15 weeks along. In 25 weeks (I had to seriously just sit here and count on my fingers...) I will be having my belly cut open! (it sounds ever so much scarier when you put it that way... having a scheduled cesearean doesn't sound nearly as horrific). But yes, in five weeks, my friends, I will be halfway through! A sobering thought. But YES- I have only gained 1 pound (or was it more?) since this pregnancy began- or at least I think so... but now comes the fun part- in the second trimester my pregnancy book tells me you will gain on average, a pound a week. So bleh- there goes my stellar track record. With Lia, I gained weight left and right. I gained ten magnificent pounds in four weeks. I remember sobbing wildly that night, convinced I was going to eat myself and Lia into oblivion. I feel no such fear this time- I got the pregnancy weight off the first time, I can do it again! :)

Anyhow, this wasn't supposed to be about me and mah bellah! :) (that's my belly...)

Chris and I will have been married for FOUR YEARS tomorrow! Well, in an hour and fifty-one minutes if you want to be perfectly on time about it. Where has the time gone? Next year we'll be married for five! And next year we'll have a two year old and a one year old. That's even more ridiculous than having a nine month old and a fifteen-week old fetus!

I will write a better post tomorrow praising my fantastical and incredible husband, for right now I must heave my pregnant backside from this cushiony chair and trot upstairs to rest myself!

Ah, the memories! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

This afternoon...

This afternoon Lia and I just hung out (as we very very often do!) and I got out my camera to take a few shots...

She's a standy girl now! Well, she can stand by herself for a few seconds before sitting down, but she is pulling herself up on everything. She sticks her hands against the glass door and pulls herself up, its pretty funny to see this foot long person standing up...

Chris has a chess game and Lia was getting into it, so I stuck it in this basket and put a book on top of the pieces so she couldn't ingest a pawn. She was quite determined to get into them.

Using every fiber of her being to get in there!

I think she got one...

This was funny because I noticed that she was being really quiet, so I looked over and she kept on laying her head down on her arm and making a funny cooing noise. Then I realized...

She could see herself in the reflection of the fireplace and was cooing to herself... no doubt about how beeeeeeeeautiful she is. :) She loves mirrors, my vain girl! :)

I just liked these two shots.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


THIS will be the last post...

Chris took Lia to the shop tonight and let me have the most blissful hour by myself. I cleaned the kitchen, surfed online for a bit and then took the most luxurious shower I've had since Lia was born. I turned the water on super hot, lit a candle and just melted. It was beyond fantastic. My husband just totally ROCKS!

And I thought of something else... my ass looks bigger in the 24 week picture. In the 14 week picture it looks good! :) Sorry, that was probably way too much information. :)

Last post of the night!

I promise!

But really, I just looked again, and I actually look pregnant, which is better than looking like I just ate a huge dinner and stored it in my backside and pouch. :) Yay for showing! May this big belly be a sign that my baby will be as cute and fat as her cousin Josephine! :)


I was actually kinda sticking my belly out in the below picture...


Well, I just sat here for a few minutes and looked at it, and I look pretty massive for being 14 weeks. But hey! I've only gained like 2 lbs thus far! But yeah... I look pretty pregnanty.


Okay, so I lied about sticking my belly out, but really, I'm not THAT big, just cute and rounded. :) And slightly rotund. :) I am pregnant though...

*Amanda waddles off in search of food... maybe her chocolate covered pretzels she has stashed!*


Okay. So I just ate THE best dinner in the whole entire world. I want to go eat more of it. I may if my self control gives out. Don't you ever have those meals when while you're making them, you think that it will be good, but when you eat it, its every bit as spectacular and delicious as you dreamed it would be? Ohmylord. I could hardly contain myself from singing with delight as I shoveled it in as fast as it would go. There is this little pasta place that makes fresh pasta and these incredible sauces and I got fettucine (sweet succulent noodles!) and tomato basil cream sauce (oh be still my heart!), and then we got a spinach salad with provolone cheese chunks, onion, croutons and a dijon dressing. I polished off most of the salad and brought the remains with me to write this entry- they are now gone. But ohmygosh- the BEST meal ever. (and can you tell I'm pregnant?)

That being said, I'm posting a picture of me. I'm two days away from 14 weeks, but still... I'm defintely popping sooner than with Lia. In all fairness though, this picture was taken at night (its almost 8!) after my dinner (as described above) and as you can see from my description, I enjoyed my dinner (in short, ate like a big fat pleasure piggy!), but you can definitely see a belly! Oooooooh, and Em!!! See your beeeautiful belly band? I love it. I love it. I love it almost as much as my dinner! :)

And dude, for comparison... this was me at 24 weeks with Lia... Yeah, I'm bigger in the second one, but seriously, not by much!

Monday, August 11, 2008

New niece/cousin!!

My sister Emily had her adorable, sweet baby August 9th. The little cutie weighed 9 lbs, 10 oz!! Hefty little girl! I can't believe how incredibly beautiful this baby is, so so cute. Anyhow, I wanted to grab a few pictures from Em's blog to show anyone that didn't know about her blog...

Something happened to the pictures in the process, but check out Ems' blog (Clare de Jour) on the sidebar!!

AND HER NAME! :) Her name is Josephine AMANDA Ruth. :) I wonder why they middle-named her Amanda? Hmmm... who do we know whose name is AMANDA? :)

The gorgeous family... and I can't believe how incredible Em looks here. I seriously don't. She could go straight from labor to a cover of mothering magazine...

Holla at Clare!

So Cousin Clare has masses of lovely silken scarves (check out her blog if you have a second- its Clare de Jour on the sidebar!) and Lia decided this afternoon to do a photoshop in homage to her cousin. :) And to say, "What up, coz? Dude, I have mad scarves too, man!"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Good, clean fun!

This was just the cutest, funniest thing. I was prepping Lia's lunch, and I heard the sound of the wipes being pushed around (these were all clean wipes!) and her macking away on something. I peeked my head around and luckily my camera was within easy reach...

The look she gave me...

She got this one in her mouth and it hung there for the next couple of minutes. Just blowing in the breeze. It looked like she was producing them and they were coming out of her mouth. :)

Apparently she was trying to eat the whole pack...

Ah yes... I can't wait until she discovers the toilet paper rolls! :)

Eatin' with Dadda!

Lia is quite the big girl now, she eats her solids really well and seems to enjoy them. Last night Chris gave Lia her dinner which was quite the treat for her apparently since she laughed hysterically every time Chris said 'OATMEAL!' :) Just looking at this picture you can totally tell that Lia loves her Daddy so so much, and that Chris loves his little girl. They're just such a sweet pair. :)

She just thinks he's the funniest guy in the world. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm not entirely sure what I think about this action... its a vintage action (set of things you do in photoshop) but I wanted to try it out. :) I think Lia looks like an Indian baby in this picture with this action. :)

Lia's first rainbow!

We were totally surprised this evening to have a light summer rain shower. I was pushing Lia around outside in her little toy car when I noticed that the light was really strange. I looked around, and there was this absolutely perfect, incredible rainbow. I haven't seen a whole one (with the perfect arch) in forever, and it was so special and neat. I dragged poor Chris outside to make him look at it too. It was such a cool evening- the fragrance of the raindrops on the asphalt, the soft rain, the gorgeous rainbow... I couldn't get a picture with the WHOLE rainbow in it, so I got a piece of it. :)

And THIS, was what the sky looked like if you turned around. It was absolutely incredible.

Tooths!! :)

I'm sure almost everyone already knows, but Lia has two teeth. :) Big, mean, sharp ones. :)
She was enjoying playing in her play-pen...

Lia and Mom

Soooo... these pictures have a story. Chris was taking some pictures of Lia and I, and as you can see, we were horsing around. Right AFTER these pictures were taken (incredible, considering I am holding her upside down...) Lia arched her back while in my arms and I dropped her. It was awful. I felt like the most horrible mother ever to walk the planet. But lil' Lia cried for a few minutes, then dusted herself off and was okay. But it was a horrible experience... poor Lia. :(

Ah, the fun before the nastiness...

Post #1

I have been a bad blogger, I will be the first to admit it! But I'm going to TRY to turn over a new leaf (and in my defense, I was in the first trimester of making another small human being...) Anyhow, these are some pictures of Lia this afternoon...

Look at my beautiful happy girl!

I heard her squeaking excitedly and looked over and she was batting wildly at the sliding door shades.
She's so so pretty... :)