Friday, October 31, 2008

One more thing!

We're heading off to Disneyland tomorrow! But I'll be bringing my camera so be prepared for a massive update probably next weekend (or whenever I get around to it! :) )

Post #4

This pretty much sums it all up.

A good time was had by all! :)

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Post #3

Sittin' pretty (and how cute are the antennae?)

Yay Auntie Katzie! :)

Lia's FIRST Halloween! (yes, isn't she insanely smart? And the scary looking dude behind us... yeeks!)

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Post #2

Ridin' in Daddy's arms

Loved the mushroom and the dwarf!

And how awesome and imaginative is this costume?

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Halloween!!! Post #1

So it was Lia's first Halloween, and it was seriously everything I thought it was going to be. I had SO much fun! We did everything. We went to Pacific St for their Kids Halloween (all of the stores give out candy) and then we hit up Sky Park for our later round. I didn't bring my camera to Sky Park (I know, sad! :( ) but it ended up raining so it was probably good. It ended up POURING down rain, so its good we got out early. Lia was such a hit, there were at least 3 stops at houses or businesses where whoever was handing out the candy would call either their entire family to the door, or their other coworkers. Everyone loved her costume. God bless Chris, Kate, Grandma and Grandpa Lock, Betsey and Marie for helping carry the small Bug around on her first Halloween.

Oh, and Lia got the whole getting-candy-and-trying-to-stuff-it-in-her-mouth down perfectly. :)

First picture of the day! So excited to go walking with her Daddy!

Clutching her first loot!

How cute is the back view? Seriously!

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Yesterday while I was working on the computer I heard Chris laughing and him calling me into the living room. Lia had pried off the top of her Puffs and was stuffing them into her mouth as fast as she possibly could.

I love the expression on her face in this picture...

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Doesn't this pumpkin look deliciously sinister? :)

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Lia stood for a couple minutes, transfixed by this wavy thing.

Look at how good she is at walking!! :)

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I love these pictures of Chris and Lia. Any pictures of a father and daughter are adorable, but they're so much cuter when they're yours. :) These pictures totally describe Chris when he's around Lia. Engaged, at her level, and with her being the center of his world.

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Pumpkin Patch #2

This time we took Daddy, and it was SO much funner. :)
We ended up getting a small, cute, lopsided little pum-kin! :)

Heading into the field. :)

"Wow! Look at all the beeeautiful pumkins!"

"I love this one!"

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Playing with Ryin!

Ryin Nicole comes over once a week with her mom (Lindsey) to hang out for a few hours. Its such fun, the two girls are 3 days apart and its so nice having someone whose baby is going through the same stuff as Lia. :)

Lia was pushing Ryin all over the place.

Ryin thanked Lia with a nice big smack. :)

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Pumpkin Patch Visit #1

Lia and I were lucky enough to visit two pumpkin patches this October! One, we went too with the Mom's Group and the second time we went with Daddy. :) This is from the first patch.

How creepy is this house? It is overlooking the pumpkin patch and doesn't it totally look like it would be haunted? Its a beautiful house, but really...
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