Friday, November 28, 2008


So I'm going to start with a disclaimer. I seem to be making it a habit lately of missing big moments. Disneyland for one. But I completely flaked and didn't take ANY pictures of the whole Thanksgiving day feast all prepared in all its resplendent glory. In my defense... I am pregnant, and when I was confronted with a buffet of goodness, I did not THINK to grab my camera and start shooting. My first thought was to grab a plate and start stuffing. :) So my apologies if you were wanting to see the delicious cooked goodness, you are just going to get some pictures of prep. :(

Lia and Daddy at 6:30am Turkey Day morning. This outfit lasted all of fifteen minutes... she spent the rest of the day running around in her diapers and a shirt. :)

Just a small sampling of the pies. There were many many more!

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Helping GG (Great Grandma!)

So yes. This is THE LIST. And yes, we ate it all. Picture the typical Norman Rockwell Americana Thanksgiving dinner spread... that's exactly what we get. It is by far, the best meal, of the whole entire year. I look forward to this every single year, and every year it bypasses whatever I was expecting. No words can describe how good this feast is. No words. :)

The boys kicked off the celebrating early. Hennessy with eggnog. After golfing. Boys will be boys.

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Playin' with the boys!

So the Lock Boys decided to play some super dorky game which involved a castle and figurines on horses... yeeeeaaah.... Lia and I left after they were done setting up because she really needed a nap, but I think these pictures are pretty funny.

Trying to get in on the action.

Planting a flag from the game in a box.

Two flags to wave around!

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What's Thanksgiving without some chocolate?

So I made Great Grandma and Mom Lock peel and mash ten pounds of potatoes. I thought that we'd go through them all! :) We didn't, by the way. Oh well, now I know!

So every year, the day after Thanksgiving is TREE DAY with the Lock family. Its such a wonderful tradition and one I am so excited and happy to be a part of and carry on with Lia and Doodles. There's something so cool about going and cutting down your very own tree, picking it out amidst so many.

"This one! This one! Its EXACTLY my size!"

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Riding on Daddy's shoulders... I love this picture for some reason. Maybe its the colors?

And I've got to give a shout out to Kate for the hat. Kate has been making THE most adorable hats ever, and she's given two to Lia, one is pink and makes Lia look like a flower baby. This is Lia's newest hat (I think it looks a little like a crown) and Lia wore it for most of the tree hunting trip. It also went perfectly with her outfit. :)

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Lia and Grandpa were clapping... about what I'm not sure.


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Trekking through the woods to find the perfect tree! :)

Grandma and Lia

Totally random pictures, I just loved all of the soft grass that was around the Christmas Tree Farm. It was neat because this bleached grass was on top of a new layer of green...

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Uncle David inspecting the trunk of the tree... it looks so small on the farm, but once we got it into our house, it looked WAY bigger. :)

Uncle Brian and Wile- who seriously is the best dog I've ever met. And I'm not sure why I'M referring to them as Uncle's... they're technically my brother-in-laws, and Lia's uncles...

Pretty tree!

I just like the next series of pictures of Lia.

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A very christmasy thing- holly!

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Last post!

The Christmas tree that the Lock family chose was SO big that a line formed waiting for the workers to finally shove the tree through the netting. There are two more workers on the other side pulling as hard as they can... it was pretty funny. Everyone clapped when they finally got it through the netter. :)

It was really beautiful up on the ridge; the valley was carpeted in clouds (or fog?) and it just looked cool. That and how beautiful is the sky?

Home with the tree!! Lia is very happy as you can tell. And seriously, isn't it a very pretty tree? It smells SO good!! :)

They just looked so sweet. :)

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