Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!


It has been both a wonderful, great year, and a really awful one. I have had some great joys come out of this year, and had some terrible blows and disappointments. I have seen people grapple with adversity and pain, and still continue onward. I have seen people laugh and love, cry and crumble. Its been a year I will never forget.

Thank you for Davy. My sweet, chunky little fellow. How far he has come in only ten short months. This is his very first New Years.

Thank you for Lia becoming such a big girl. Such an incredible, smart, wonderful little person.

Thank you for a husband who has never ending patience and dedication to me, his family and everything in between. He is truly beyond amazing.

Thank you for letting me explore the world of photography more as I shoot, assist and learn more.

Thank you for relationships that have grown stronger and better with friends.

Thank you for my incredible family. My sisters, my mom, my dad, they are my closest friends and strongest allies.

Thank you for my other family, who is equally incredible. I have never seen people bear hardships with such fortitude, optimism and sheer willpower. Linda, you are an *INCREDIBLE* person. I count you among my very best friends.

Thank you for Kate. This year was a strong and painful reminder of how much she means to me and to everyone around her.

I know that there are more things I want to think of, and thank and mention, but I'm honestly a little too tired to even remember my own name, let alone anything else. :)

Happy New Year everyone. I hope (from the bottom of my heart) that everyone I know has a blessed, prosperous, life-changing, life altering, fantastic, incredible 2010. And I think they will. I think that this time, next year as we wait for 2011, I will be writing things that I never thought I would write. Everyone close to me will have had the very best, best year of their life and I will be writing of everyone's successes.
2010 just sounds good. Full of promise. Clean. New. Perfect.


We had a wonderful time at the tide pools by the Capitola Beach

Awesome anemones

A little crab!

Isn't this cliff crazy? It was made up of tons and tons of shells!

Dancing cousins

Its really cool having all of the kids so close in age- Clare is about a year older than Lia, Lia is six months older than Josie and Davy is six months younger than Josephine.

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You gotta love Clare :)

Lia's messy little hands

Piece of played-to-death playdoh
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Breakfast with the Anderson's

When we returned from Disneyland we went out to breakfast with the Anderson's at my dad's coffee shop. (Surf City Coffee-!)

Miss Clare, she's starting to remind me of a girl from a Frances Hodgson Burnette story...

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Contemplating the Baby Jesus...

Stealing Baby Jesus...

My dad taking a snooze

My Christmas card from Kate, it meant the world to me.

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My fat little boy

The only word that works to describe Davy is DELICIOUS. Isn't he just delicious?

Look at him checking out his fat little toes happily!

Be still my heart!

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