Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lia a la onion!

Doesn't that mean Lia with onions? Or something to that effect?

Anyhow, our backyard is currently overtaken with wild onion plants, which are really beautiful just pretty darn smelly too. I decided to take a couple pictures in the backyard and let the kids tramp around. These are the pictures I took of Lia (be prepared, there are a lot!)

I love it how kids do this when they're excited or happy with their arms.

Isn't the expression on her face priceless?

Friday, March 12, 2010

"MOM!!! I wanna get back on!"

"Someday when I'm bigger, I'm going to buy me a green tractor too!"

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Best Day of Davy's life

There are times when I watch Davy and wonder as he tries to get on a high heel or begs me to paint his fingernail right alongside Lia. But then, that inately little boy side of him comes raring out.

Last night we went over to Big Duck and Grandpa Tractor's for a visit and Davy saw my dad's tractor. He couldn't get enough. Literally. He was falling over himself in absolute joy and total delight with that tractor. When my dad took him for a ride, Davy nearly split his face in half with smiling. I've never seen him so happy and excited. Everything was 'TRUCK! GO! UP! GO! TRUCK!" and today in the Dr's Office (it was his well baby appointment) he looked at a picture book and victoriously screamed ''TRACTOR!!'' at me. Looks like he at least figured out the right word for it.

Could he look any happier?

His "oh-my-gosh-this-is-the-coolest-thing-ever" face.

Its going up!!

Gotta start 'em young!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She still looks like such a little baby in this picture...
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She found some heels and tried those on too

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She insisted on trying on a pair of my underwear, but of course they were too big on her so I knotted them in the back. Looks sort of like she's got a little tail...
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