Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Unbelievable cuteness

When Davy wakes up in the morning he is just the cutest thing ever. He's so smiley and lovey. :)

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Its hard to see in this picture but Lia is hugging a dolly, a stuffed animal and Daddy's shirt. A few days ago Chris came out of Lia's room without a shirt and I gave him a weird look. He explained patiently to me that he gave Lia his shirt so she could smell it if she missed him. Must have worked like a charm since she went right to sleep. :) He's such a good Daddy. :) He, quite literally, gave her the shirt off of his back.

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Big girl bed!

"Why, hello!"

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This is one of my favorite stories of Lia thus far. :)

I had part of a soda with lunch and I left the soda can on the table. You see, I forgot that my very talented daughter can now climb like you wouldn't believe. I forgot that I had found her sitting on the table in Davy's bumbo seat only the day before. I ran upstairs to check my email but then I realized with intuition I didn't think I posessed that it was MUCH too quiet. I heard no squawks or squeaks. No throwing of toys, no singing, no galloping. I ran downstairs and stuck my head around the corner into the kitchen. Lo and behold! There was my daughter, sitting in the exact pose you see in the pictures, drinking that soda as fast as she possibly could. It ran everywhere. Down her stomach. Total disregard for cleanliness. Stickiness everywhere. She wasn't even coming up for air. Just scarfing that soda as fast as possible. She didn't even stop when she saw me, she just kept right on chugging. I ran to get my camera. No change. She was still drinking it as fast as humanly possible. Guess I have to stop leaving soda or anything else on the table or within human reach...

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Lia put on Daddy's socks all by herself!

Davy like a seal! Notice Lia is taking a rest on his back...


I like how big Davy's eyes look here. :)

Ok, they look WAY bigger here. :)

Isn't he just a loveable chunk of happiness? Look at how fat he is!!

This is for Kate. She thinks he's got cute toes. :)

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Big girl!

Its unbelievable to me how much bigger Lia is getting. This is a picture of her very first nap in her big girl bed. We got the bed two days ago, and for each nap she would want to sleep in it, but after her bottle she'd get up and play with her toys. I think she's finally getting it because today she's 2 for 2. :) She is so cute in the bed, she looks so grown up sleeping in a big girl bed. I need to find a good rail though...

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Starting from the present and working back...

I had a unannounced vacation from the blog, but I still have been taking plenty of pictures. So I thought I'd start with the most recent ones and work my way back. :)

Lia and Davy this morning watching their morning episode of 'Roary the Racing Car'. :) I love that they can interact with each other now. Both are sick with coughs and colds, poor things. :(

I love their expressions here... Lia is intensely interested and Davy is biting his nails. :)
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yay for chokable candy!

Offering some to Daddy

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