Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Davd


I noticed a few days ago that Lia had a little calculator stuck into her panties, and when I asked her what it was she cheerfully responded with, "Oh, its just my phone, mommy." Not sure when she's seem me stick my phone down my pants... :-)

Lia wanted me to do something but I asked her to wait because I was playing with David. I looked over to see her sitting like this with this woeful expression on her face.

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They are escaping!

One would think that the fact that they are on the second floor of the house would deter them...

Don't worry, I have since closed that window to prevent such dangerous attempts at dare-devilry. :-)

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Friday, July 30, 2010


I have been loving sepia toned pictures lately, so I just post processed all of these of Davy like that. :-)

These two shots are of the window screen- I just thought it looked cool. :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too big?

I am testing out bigger pictures but I'm not sure if they're too big... too big or okay? Or a little smaller but still bigger?

On the big chair

I walked into the room to see this going on in the big chair. A monster of some sort, underneath a red roofed house with six legs. :)
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He's kinda cute, ain't he? :)

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and then she laid back down and stretched out her toes...

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Sleepy Girl

A few days ago right after Lia woke up from her nap I brought her upstairs so I could finish editing some pictures. I turned around and saw her, so cute and pink and sleepy smiling at me.

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Confused Baby Boy Quail

Yes, I understand the title is confusing, but it just describes the scene so well. LOL. Davy is a confused baby boy who happens to look like a quail! :-) David LOVES having his toenails painted and his hair done up, just like Lia. I wonder when he starts to realize that those are slightly feminine activities?

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Yesterday I got these wonderful captures of Davy running headlong into Chris- its so funny- growing up around all girls I never really got to hold little boys and notice how weirdly different they grow. Davy is still shorter than Lia, but he's only a pound or two less, but he is built like a TANK. His chest and back area is big and when he runs into you, you literally THUD and fall backwards..

Make sure to click on the picture below so you can see it full size
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Monday, July 19, 2010

I speak like a grandma...

Background: I have an odd habit of using century old phrases like, 'Mercy me!' and 'Oh happy day!' and "Sweet Baby Moses!' among other ones.

Scene: Davy was eating lunch and noticed a crumb on the table next to him. He leaned down, tilted his head and inspected it carefully. He opened his round little mouth and blew. The crumb moved. He blew more. It moved more. He puffed out his substantial cheeks and blew harder. The crumb sailed off the table.

Davy clutched his chest in delight and exclaimed, "MERCY! OH HAPPY DAY!"

Gotta learn some 21st century vernacular.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So if you don't believe me when I say Lia is so grown up now, just look at these pictures. I bribed her with chocolate (such a girl!) so I could take some shots of her. These were all edited with no thought to continuity (I've been paying too much attention to that with all of the wedding editing!) so I just edited it according to how I felt. :)

This image makes my heart hurt. She still looks so much like my wee little baby, but there is something in her face that gives me the teensiest glimpse of her ten or twelve years from now.

True Lia. :) True Lock. :)

I am going to go and kiss her now. She is growing up too fast. I'm going to strap a brick to the top of her head after her kiss. She can't grow up anymore. It freaks me out too much.