Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Disneyland Reflections

On the Thursday morning we were leaving for Disneyland, I was awake by 330 courtesy of the two little people upstairs who I heard squealing and whispering. **I** had to wake them up at 630 on Christmas morning, but the morn that they were leaving on an eight hour car ride, they woke up early... yeah... not sure how I felt about their priorities. :-)

Anyhow, the car ride went really well. Alex only cried a little bit but no screaming. The older two were a dream to travel with. We got to the hotel around 2pm and checked in. I loved that the minute that we opened the car doors, Dale (whoever has the brown nose?) was right there to take pictures and hug the kids. They loved it. One hilarious thing was that Alex hated any of the Disney characters. Princesses, animals, they all scared the bejezzus out of her. We took the kids to a character breakfast where characters roamed around and no matter who it was, Alex's breathing would quicken to panic mode, she would start fluttering and trying to climb on top of my head as she whimpered. It was so sad and pathetic but oddly entertaining at the same time. :-)

Alex decided that I was the only one who could care for her during the trip to Disneyland. She spent pretty much the full four days riding around on my back. Since we got home, she is going through withdrawals and seems to scream at me angrily "MAMAMAMAMAMAMA!" whenever I try to put her down here at home. Kid's gotta learn... she's in for a rough couple of days as she readjusts to the fact that we are really not Siamese twins.. :-)

One funny thing was the day we left for home, it was around 5pm and Lia hadn't napped. She was exhausted and completely emotionally drained and I had told her she could have some popcorn for a snack at some point. We passed a popcorn vendor but we were on our way to dinner so I told her that we would have to skip the popcorn then. She FREAKED. Lia threw a few temper tantrums in her day but I hadn't seen her throw one since she was maybe three? This one was a thing of beauty. She drummed her feet on the stroller while screaming and throwing herself around in the stroller, "I WANT POPCORN! I WANT IT NOW! I WANT IT NOW! GET ME THE POPCORN!" I was so tempted to laugh hysterically.

Lia has discovered that she loves roller coasters/thrill rides. She went on every roller coaster she could and LOVED it all. She was going on Space Mountain and it was around 8 at night. Davy was completely bonkers with lack of sleep and sugar and as they started to walk off in the direction of the ride, Davy yelps randomly, "I WANT TO GO TOO!!!!" I think we all turned and stared at him since David was supremely cautious the whole time about the rides he was willing to attempt. He made it through the whole ride, while I waited with Alex asleep on my back, riddled with anxiety that we were going to scar him for life. He made it through and was none the worse for wear. :-)

One story was that on the last day we were there I went to the bar that was next to our hotel around 10pm (no judging! :-) to get Chris and I a beer. I had sleeping Alex on my back (where else would she be?) and when I walked in I could see it was a different crowd than in the afternoon when I had gone in (again, no judgement people!). It was full and rocking. I yelled above the din that I wanted two beers and the bartender happily obliged. What made it weird and funny was that the fake volcanoes around the top of the bar were going off (it was a Tiki themed bar)- and then the other two bartenders zoomed around the bar using squirt bottles and yelling, "IT'S RAINING! IT'S RAINING!" as they squirted water in the air. People were pounding the bar, and yelling. Fake lightening was going off in the windows (they were fake windows a la Tiki Room during Disneyland), steam was pouring from somewhere and I couldn't believe that I was standing in a bar being ''rained on'' with a sleeping baby on my back. Surreal.

I'm sure that there are more stories, but I'm going to go put Alex to sleep right now. If I remember anything else, I'll make sure to post. :-)


Today I was attempting to pop a particularly annoying pimple and using a needle to poke it. As I leaned into the mirror to pop it, Lia's little face popped around  the corner of the bathroom and she took the scene in. There was a teeny drop of blood and her eyes widened. She hastened from the bathroom and charged through the house, yelling with urgent excitement, "DAVID! DAVID! MOM IS STABBING HERSELF IN THE FACE WITH A NEEDLE IN THE BATHROOM! HURRY UP! COME SEE!!"


 On our way!

 Stopping for breakfast!

 Look who greeted us as we got out of the car! :-)

 Making his car! He's been wanting to do this for so long so it was fun to see him actually get to do it :-)

 Meeting the fairies!

 David enjoying the pool scene

 Princess Breakfast!

They had the original Golden Horse Shoe review in Disneyland for a limited time and it brought back such wonderful memories of when I went there a long time ago and the woman sat on Dad's lap and gave him a kiss on the head. :-)


Betsey swimming around the wharf! I was so excited and proud to see how amazing she was as she swam like a fish around in the freezing water. :-)

 Making graham cracker houses with leftover candy from Halloween :-)

 My gorgeous creation :-)

She was so happy to be playing with the big kids and included! :-)

Breakfast with Daddy on the weekend

 Santa visited Ms. Benjamin's kindergarten class this year :-)

 I had two of these antlers and put one pair on Lia who proceeded to dance like a sugar plum fairy in front of the mirror as she rearranged her borrowed antler finery. Davy put his on, then turned and ran at Chris yelling, "ANTLER FIGHT!" There lies the difference between boys and girls...

These were actually on Chris' mom's phone and I stole them off of hers so that I could have them since I don't actually have any pictures of right after Alex was born.

 Rocking out with Christmas presents :-)

Wait... what? :-) They did this themselves and were so proud of themselves for how funny it was. :-)

 Alex found someone's plate with leftover pizza and proceeded to try to demolish it.

The next three pictures were from a trip to the Santa Cruz Art Museum when they have the big trains all set up during Christmas. The kids absolutely loved it.

After my run sitting in the sun with Alex for a little bit :-)

We went to the beach on a very warm day and it was a nice glimpse into what summer might bring. 

 Lia was brushing her hair and then moved on to Alex, who, apparently loved it. :-)

 Chris left for Daytona for six days and the kids had me put their big stuffed animals in his shirt so they could smell him. :-)

 Lia after her bath :-)

 Chris at Daytona :-)

 Not sure why this picture is way down here :-)

Next Christmas there will be another baby Lock here! (and NOT from me! From Cindy, Baby Jake is getting a new brother or sister this summer :-) )