Friday, September 13, 2013

Pictures from Facebook

Our little family went an excursion north to an amazing pebble beach and Pigeon Lighthouse. 
Alex pretending to take a nap...
Lia's first day of first grade

Houseboat 2013

This was Lia's handiwork


Everyone loves Daddy

Alex after a full dinner and treat at Big Duck's :-)

Davy, one day, came running up to me with this book and asked excitedly, "Mom! Mom! Can you teach me how to do this?'

Lia's last day of kindergarten

Davy came into the kitchen with these pants and proudly said, "Look mom! I just put dots all over my pants! Aren't they pretty?"

Davy found this banana slug at my parent's and came up to me clasping his hands in supplication as he begged, "May I please tickle him with a leaf?"